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The GB of Skog-reboot will launch at 8am PST November 30th.

The GB is open until December 18th.

Estimated shipping: July 2021

Your order will be shipped when manufacturing and packaging are completed.

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The Skog-Reboot

IC Page:


Extra Pcb link

Extra Knob link


Due to limitation of shopify, it is not possible to add the FR4 plate as an option in product attributes.

Please leave a note in your order if you choose FR4 as plate material over Aluminum.

Standard order will ship with aluminum plate.


Key Features

1. RGB led strip above the arrow cluster
2. Solderable PCB and Hot-swap PCB up to choice
3. QMK/VIA PCB,VIA Programmable Encoder
4. Isolated gasket mount
5. Dampener between plate and PCB
6. Adjustable typing angle from 5.8° to 6.8°
7. 1.5mm aluminum/FR4 plate
8. USB and BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy, version 4.2) duo-mode
9. Per-key RGB backlight.
10. Support BL-5C/BL-5J battery, Hundreds hours of battery life
11. Separated BLE module daughterboard, improved signal reception


Gasket Mount

At Percent studio, we agree that besides aesthetics, typing experience is not negligible.
This time, we are doing fully isolated gaskets to enhance this.
The keyboard kit will also come with a silicon dampener between the plate and PCB and a foam dampener between the PCB and bottom case, this together with the 1.5mm plate to reduce the hollow sounding.



To avoid shipping issues, we are using a Nokia BL5C/BL-5J battery, which is easily accessible worldwide.
This also means the keyboard kit will not come with a battery if you choose the bluetooth option.

A Complete Skog Reboot PCB set contains: 


Encoder daughterboard*1

BLE module daughterboard*1(optional)

Battery Module board.*1(optional)

Note:The BLE module and the Battery module duaghterboards are optional, in case you’re not going to use the BLE feature of this board. 



The Skog Reboot comes with a rotary encoder, which can bring interesting usage for you. There are 3 operations for this encoder: Clockwise Rotation, Counter-Clockwise Rotation, and Press.All these operations are programmable in the VIA. 



More Renders can be found here:

Desert:Powder Coating Grey + Dark Grey(anodised)+Space Grey Knob

Svart:Black + Space Grey(anodised)+Space Grey Knob

Grey:Grey + Yellow(electrophoresis)+Yellow Knob(electrophoresis)

SpaceCadet:InkBlue + Red(anodised)+Yellow Knob(electrophoresis)

Wine:Wine Red + Gold(anodised)+Gold Knob(anodised)

Industry:Yellow(electrophoresis) + DarkGrey(anodised)+Dark Grey Knob

BabyBlue:Powder Coating Blue + DarkGrey(anodised)+Space Grey Knob


Package contains

Percent Studio Packaging Box x 1

Skog-Reboot Case x 1

Gasket poron x 20

Pcb with Qmk support x 1

Knob x 1

1.5mm Plate x 1

Encoder x 1

Encoder daughterboard x 1

BLE module daughterboard*1(optional)

Battery Module board.*1(optional)

Silicon dampener(between the plate and PCB)x 1

Foam dampener(between the PCB and bottom case)x 1

Moulded buffer silicone strip x 1

Light Diffuser x 1

M3*5 T8 screw  x 4

M3*8 T8 screw  x 12

M3*8 x 4,M3*14 x 4

M2*5 x 4 for encoder daughterboard

Note:No battery is include in package.
In case to use bluetooth function,you need to buy Nokia BL5C/BL5J battery



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