TRIO PRODUCT PAGE: https://percent.studio/trio-60

TRIO is in limited stock and will be shipped within 30 days after the end of the purchase.


Trio is the latest work of Percent's minimalist design. Compared with the design, we pay more attention to the typing feel of this keyboard.

Trio Series can provide great input experience and typing sound.



1.Casio (E-coating

Please note that the stock quantity of this color is very scarce

2.Classic (Sliver Anodised)

3.Grey(Grey Anodised)

4.Pine(Green Anodised)

5.Siren(BlueGreen Anodised)

6.Desert(Power Coating)




Advanced workmanship in CNC and surface treatment

Improved typing feel

Gasket Mount

PCB compatible with QMK+VIA



1 x Top Enclosure

1 x Base Enclosure 

1 x Pc Plate

1 x Pcb Poron

1 x Bottom Poron

24 x Gasket Poron

4 x Moulded Foot

1 x Trio PCB( solder version )

1 x Daughter Pcb

1 x Daughter Pcb to MainPCB Cable

Various Screws



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