We are glad to bring you our new product Trio-75, which is a set of products designed to provide excellent typing experience and typing sounds.

Trio is the latest work of Percent's minimalist design. 


More Info about Trio-75:

Product Page: https://percentstudio.store/pages/trio-75


Estimate Delivery:

Depending on the total quantity sold

We expect starting ship the Trio-75 in April,2022


Groupbuy time:


Please notice:This is a Groupbuy.But in order to ensure the speed of production we will close the groupbuy early when the GB reached our limit.



Extra Pcb:https://percentstudio.store/products/trio-75-pcb-extra

Extra Poron/Plate:https://percentstudio.store/products/trio-75-poron-plateextra

Extra copper weight:https://percentstudio.store/products/trio-75-weightextra



1.Casio (E-coating)(Limited Amount)

2.Aoyama (Power Coating)(Limited Amount)

3.Classic (Sliver Anodised)

4.Grey(Grey Anodised)

5.Svart(Black Anodised+Yellow Weight)

6.Pine(Green Anodised)

7.Wine(WineRed Anodised)

8.Desert(Power Coating)


Key Features:

– 75% form factor
– PCB leaf-spring gasket mount with silicon jacket for the leaf-springs
– 1u badge above the arrow cluster
– Hot-swap or solderable PCBs
– PC or Aluminum plate
– USB type C daughter board
– Typing angle: 7.5°
– QMK/VIA PCB provided by Basic I/O Instrument


Choose You Top Case:

With 1U badge

Badges are made with pvd copper

(Casio/Aoyama will only come with the X badge)

Without 1U badge




1 x Top Enclosure(Aluminum)

1 x Base Enclosure (Aluminum)

1 x Weight (Aluminum)

1 x Pc Plate

1 x Pcb Poron

1 x Switch Poron

1 x Bottom Poron

20 x Gasket Poron

8 x Silicon Jacket for the leaf-springs

1 x Trio-75 PCB

1 x Daughter Pcb

1 x Daughter Pcb to MainPCB Cable

1 x Textured paper tape used to improve the sound

Various Screws



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